Orange Turbine at SIGGRAPH 2022

Aug 2nd 2022

Conferences and conference season has started returning this year and it looks like things are nearly back at full swing again, with a couple events including GDC and the NAB Show which already took place. The Blender Conference also looks like it's going to be happening this year as well (more on that in a future post). The next big event that's coming up, though, is the SIGGRAPH Conference. This year, it's being held in Vancouver, Canada and it's shaping up to be a pretty stellar event.

If you're at all involved with computer graphics as a creator, researcher, or toolmaker then the SIGGRAPH Conference is absolutely a thing to attend. And now there's one more great reason: we'll be there! The crew from Orange Turbine got accepted to give a workshop in the SIGGRAPH LABS program. With Jonathan Lampel at the helm and Jason van Gumster to assist, we'll be walking participants through an introduction to Blender's fantastic Geometry Nodes feature.

Geometry Nodes are fairly new in Blender, but they provide some of the most exciting possibilities with respect to procedural modeling, all built-in and freely available in the little open source 3D suite that we all know and love.

So, if you're going to be in the Vancouver area between the 8th and 11th of August, come check us out! You can attend the workshop on August 10th, or just track us down and trade stories over a cup of coffee.

See you there!

Follow-up (15 August 2022): We're back from SIGGRAPH and we had an excellent time giving this workshop to a space packed with people interested in learning about this cool feature in Blender. Of course, not everyone there had a computer in front of them (and not everyone was there), so we figured we'd share the content of that workshop here! While the YouTube video below isn't a recording of the live workshop, it covers all the same stuff, so you can refer to it and follow along at your own pace.

At the workshop, we also had USB sticks that had Blender and a few example files for you to play with as well. Of course, we only had 50 of those sticks to hand out, so not everyone got one. Fortunately, you can grab those example files right here!


Jonathan Lampel, Jason van Gumster