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Orient and Origin to Selected
Snap the pivot point to your mesh without leaving Edit Mode!
Realistic Eevee Glass Shader
Cleverly layered refraction and transparency that results in the best possible looking real-time glass.
Extra Lights - Photometric Lighting for Blender
Illuminate your scenes with physically based lights for a more realistic render.
Scattershot - PBR Texture Bombing for Blender
Scatter, randomize, and blend texture sets with the power of procedural texture bombing.
RetopoFlow - Retopology Toolkit for Blender
Sketch to create new geometry with artist friendly tools in a custom mode tailored for retopology.
SIGGRAPH 2022 Geometry Nodes Examples
Example files shared at the Blender Geometry Nodes workshop in the SIGGRAPH 2022 Labs program.
Export to Blend
Export objects, collections, or nodes to their own blend files to build out your asset library.