World Blender Meetup Day 2021

Mar 22nd 2021

Every year for the past 6 years, the World Blender Meetup Day has been a fantastic free venue for Blender users of all walks of life to share their work and experience with the rest of the community. It's an event that goes for 24 hours and features presentations from artists and developers all over the world.

This year, Orange Turbine's Blender Consulting Lead, Jason van Gumster, gave a little talk on applying studio workflows even as an individual artist. Because, really, even if you're working on your own, you're still collaborating with yourself. Be kind to future you.

And at the end of the talk, Jason gave the first official announcement that Orange Turbine is actually a thing. Woohoo!

The whole 24 hours of presentations is available on the World Blender Meetup Day's YouTube channel, broken into two long videos. You can jump to Jason's part of it here: